Welcome to my Website

I learned the photography materials at the university, I was taught by Professor Ibrahim Afifi and Mr. Abdullah Al-Haddad who developed and refined this hobby by following up and encouraging me continuously to participate in art exhibitions that used to be held in the College of Basic Education where I started to learn how to draw face through understanding its anatomy. Everything about colors was getting deeper and deeper when I started to develop my skills through graphics, colors experiments and color mixing using the primary colors. All this was under the supervision of Mr. Ibrahim Afifi who was my mentor in this stage of my life.

About Me

May passion to painting started in my early school years and I had loved developing this hobby through school activities. I enrolled in the college of basic education and studied plastic arts of all kinds where I discovered my tendencies of painting specially to real-life school. Later, when I joined the Ministry of Education at the art education and paintings department, I had a great exposure to art workshops and how to use the natural colors such as saffron plant, beet turmeric and charcoal in landscape painting. More than 25 of my paintings were delivered to school’s district to be used in venue and theaters' decorations and displays. I believe I was a pioneer in this initiative. I felt I'm more competent now than ever.

My Journey

I start thinking of giving training courses and workshops in Kuwait, which turned to be very supportive initiative for small artists to help them reach realism in painting. I’m always open to learn more and gain more skills, i spend hours and hours in social media and youtube to discover and know more about famous artists and get inspired by their works. One of the best for me is the Mexican artist Omar Ouartz. Art is a skill that needs permanent and continuous development. For this I wanted to keep helping small artists in reaching realism by offering special sessions in the last couple of years. My reputation was expanding and people started to interact with me in the social media, thus I contacted the Yemeni artist Mr. Maher Al-Awlaki and agreed with him to give courses in KSA, where were a very successful experience to me which I’m planning to continue.

My Passion

During this crucial time, the pandemic, I take advantage of my time at home to isolate myself from the world and to make free sessions in Instagram live which tend to be big ads-on to my profession. My paintings focus on eye with oil colors and dissecting the human face in a simplified way. I teach people ways to draw human features, how to take the correct measurements and proportions, as well as ways to transfer a small image on a large canvas, ways to extract skin colors, fuse colors, learn about the quality of each color and color feature, and how to choose good quality raw materials.